Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My baby is two thirds of a year old. Eight whole months. Ho-ly cow. What a big girl.

Here's a lovely collage of some favorites of the past 8 months.

She amazes me everyday. She is such a sponge! She doesn't miss a movement. She follows me all over the apartment and is so excited when she reaches the kitchen because it's all so very new for her. She also is particularly fond of all the trash cans in the house.

And now onto the exciting part! The list!

CRAWLING! yep. She is a crawling fool.
self feeding. She's particularly partial to green beans and bananas.
She hates socks. Or rather, she doesn't hate them but she enjoys pulling them off.
She is finally okay with me using the bulb syringe to suck out her boogies. (gross i know but it's a triumph nonetheless)
She can say "da-da" and recognizes that Jason is Da-da.
She has figured out her bottle though she still prefers you hold it.
She is super talented with a spoon.
She is putting everything and I mean everything in her mouth.
She can bang two objects together.
She can pull up to her knees.
She loves to "dance" when she hears music. Really it's just rocking back and forth but it's usually to the beat.
She has suddenly discovered the headbands I make her wear and frequently pulls them down into her eyes.
She is the spitting image of her Daddy and honestly i look at her sometimes and think "if i didn't give birth to you, i wouldn't know you were mine" but i'm okay with that. Her daddy is awful cute.
She LOVES my camera and comes after me when i'm taking pictures of her. Usually just for the strap.
She's become a rather lovely baby which makes my heart melt. She gives me "kisses" when she wakes up or when she's really excited and even though they are sticky and wet, they are my favorite thing in the whole wide world.
She has become a pretty good napper again which makes things lovely.
She also cracks herself up all the time. It's another favorite of mine to lay in bed with Mister on a Saturday morning and listen to her talking to giraffe and then there's a sudden squeal of delight. It makes me giggle.

She weighs 21lbs and 11oz and is 30 inches long. She's a tall, solid girl and boy does she get heavy to haul up and down stairs but secretly, i love it because she holds on so tight and is so so happy when we get to the goofy looking scarecrow hanging on our door. Her eyes light up when we swing the door open and she knows she's home. I love the feeling of knowing that she recognizes our little home.

Favorite picture of the month:
I love this picture. She's so darling and just look at those chubby cheeks!

Oh how this little creature makes my swell with pride and sing!

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